Top 3 Gorgeous Gems of Green Velvet Couch for 2019

The green color is aesthetically pleasing for eyes and it certainly gives the majestic vibe to your house. And that’s exactly how green velvet couch has its position as one of the most sought couch styles for living room accessories. After all, who won’t get swooned by the gorgeous look and promising comfort offered by the green velvet couch? It will serve anyone the experience of becoming a royalty every day while enjoying a glass of cold martini and watching a favorite movie. Thus, if you’re already tempted to buy one to experience the luxury, read on to find the three gorgeous gems of green velvet couch that are going to capture your heart.

Roberta Chesterfield Sofa

We’ll begin this list with Roberta Chesterfield Sofa from Willo  Arlo Interior which is absolutely stunning for its bright emerald color. With this couch in your living room, you’re going to have a look that comes out of a magazine!

Covered in the combination of cotton and velvet, measured in 32” x 84” x 33” making a perfect place for three, and mounted with the sleek chesterfield design,  Roberta is a precious gem of green velvet couch that every homeowner should know. This sofa is the definition of class and elegance especially with the addition of extra fur pillows. We could say that the stylist did a commendable job for this sofa! The price is also affordable and friendly for this expensive looking couch.  Although it’s not the best quality in the industry, it’s worth giving a try for its beauty and charming eloquence.

Charlotte Velvet Loveseat

Shimmering beauty which has the attention of everyone in the room is the perfect title for Charlotte Velvet Loveseat. The antique and graceful green Charlotte is a wonderful piece of furniture that you’ll love to have in your room. This is an answer from heaven for those homeowners who have a small place yet want to make their living room extraordinary.

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Made of strong frame and soft velvet for upholstery material, this emerald-colored couch will be a treasure for your house for a long time. It’s comfortable, high quality, and absolutely attractive. The firm design also embeds a sexy and gorgeous image for your living room. You’ll find the unimaginable pleasure of relaxing when you sit on this green velvet couch while listening to slow music. The price is also lovely and you will love every penny you spend on this sofa.

However, if you want a big couch to spend your night with friends, this couch won’t make the best of a choice since the size is small.

Derry Sofa

The last yet the most gorgeous gem of them all is the Derry Sofa from Mistana with its modish boho design. Covered in refreshing green color, this couch has everything that people wish from a green velvet couch. The look, the quality and comfort level are present in this posh furniture.

Derry Sofa can mingle with any setting either formal or casual. The dashing design gives off your room the stylish and modern vibe and at the same time offers undeniable elegance. In addition, since this sofa is long enough, it allows anyone to get the most comfortable nap moment. Your sleeping problem will be thrown out of the window when you have this furniture piece. And what’s best, this sofa is very affordable with all of the benefits you’re going to get!

There’s likely nothing to complain about this green velvet couch!