Divan Sofa: The Exotic Sofa

While there’s a wide variety of sofa, there’s this one unique type of sofa which is very versatile and confusing. In a glance, a divan sofa looks just like a daybed, resembles a settee, yet gives the vibe of a chaise. Still, it is furniture of its own and it specifically relates to a famous psychologist in history.

Thus, this sofa is quite dramatic and fantastic furniture all at the same time for its very versatile feature and history wise. However, if you think to have this splendor piece in your house, you need to check these factors before you decide on one.

The Plus Points

First, let’s start with the sweet points of this irresistibly unique piece of furniture.  

Contemporary Lifestyle  

For the contemporary lifestyle, the modern style, divan is just the perfect match. It can function as a loveseat, a daybed, and etc. This functionality adds a point for the minimalist. Since you can use it anywhere, and switch it to become something else. The elegant and lavish design of divan majority is indeed a perfect fit for the contemporary lifestyle.

Small and Large Space

The next plus point for divan sofa is compatible for any room of any size. Either you have a small living room or a large one. This Arabian look furniture can fit your living room just fine. By having divan in your living room, it’ll likely charm your quest for the elegance eloquence oozing from this seating site.


The last is the main plus point of divan which is the versatility that’s unbeatable than any other sofa-like. With this one piece furniture, you can have a couch and a daybed, the real definition of killing two birds with one stone.

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The Minus Points

Well, after you get those plus points which apparently make divan sofa get its rate higher, let’s now take a look to the minus points.


The low-slung part that owns by most of the divan can be quite a problematic factor for elderly people. Since it is pretty low, it might cause a problem when they try to get up. The low armrest will not give the elderly people enough support to push themselves up when they recline on the divan. Those, if you live with elderly people, such as your grandfather, you might think to get another sofa instead of a divan. Especially, if they enjoy watching TV and use the sofa as their napping place.  

Awkward Space

Divan sofa usually has no back which means the left and right side part is open. Since divan is originally made to be put in the middle of the room for a therapy session, it’s purposely made to give open space to anyone who lay on it. Thus, divan sofa is best if put in the open space of the room rather than stick it to the wall. However, that kind of position will create an empty space around and it can be an awkward space. In addition, the lack of back also makes divan a less suitable replacement for a sofa for a formal setting.

Well, although divan sofa has few minus points, this furniture is still a fascinating and an exotic seating place to have in your living room.