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Shannon A. Hiner

Today’s author guest is Shannon A. Hiner. I’m very excited to introduce this fabulous author to you all! She is a New Adult/Fantasy author! In…

Author Talks
DM Stoddard

Today we welcome DM Stoddard on the blog. I’m very excited to share this author with all of you. DM is the author of a…

Author Talks
Laura Roettiger

I am so excited to welcome Laura on the blog today! Laura shares with us about her writing experience, her writing tips, and an excerpt…

Author Talks
Wille Handler

I am so excited to welcome Willie Handler on the blog today! Willie is an author from Canada. He’s a funny, talented guy that I…

Author Talks
Mark Engels

I am very excited to welcome Mark Engels on the blog today! Mark is the author of Always Gray in Winter, a clever and creative…

Author Talks
G.S. Wright

Are you a fan of horror, sci-fi, or fantasy? Do you enjoy fast- action packed thriller? G.S. Wright, author of Spilling Blood series, Apocalypse Witch…

Author Talks
Lilac Mills

Today I am excited to introduce Lilac Mills. Lilac has three published works out right now, all of which look adorable and charming. I was…

Romanian Dish
Author Talks
E.J. Bancesco

Today I have the honor of hosting E.J. Bancesco! He’s an architect from Chicago that has a love for writing. Both his novels are set…

Dandelion Picture
Author Talks
K.T. Daxon

Today on the blog we welcome K.T. Daxon! Her debut novel Down to Sleep will be released January 2018! So exciting! K.T. shares with us…

Paul Saylor | Author Talks
Author Talks
Paul Saylor

Today we have a great interview with Paul Saylor! He is a self published author, you can find his reads on amazon. He has some…