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Paul Saylor | Author Talks
Author Talks
Paul Saylor

Today we have a great interview with Paul Saylor! He is a self published author, you can find his reads on amazon. He has some…

Author Talks with Penny Harmon
Author Talks
Penny Harmon

Today on the blog we have Penny Harmon! Penny is a super sweet author from Main. I’m super thrilled to have her on the blog…

Author Talks with Jacqueline Davis
Author Talks
Jacqueline Davis

Today’s author talks is with Jacqueline Davis! I’m very excited to share with you all about Jacqueline’s writing process and other tips for aspiring authors!…

Opened book
Author Talks
Kennedy Vega

I am so excited about today’s author chat! Kennedy is a young author from California. She has amazing short stories published on Wattpad. AND she…

Half moon
Author Talks
Elise Edmonds

Truth be told I stumbled upon Elise’s blog when I was searching for something else. I cannot remember what that something else was, but I…

Kaleidoscope image
Author Talks
Rachel Magee

 Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by for today’s Author Talks. I’m so thrilled to have Rachel Magee as a guest today on the blog. Today…

Type Writer
Author Talks
Leslie Hauser

I am so excited to have Leslie Hauser on the blog! Leslie shares with us about her writing, her writing style, her debut novel Chasing…

JM Sullivan, Author Talks
Author Talks
JM Sullivan

I am so excited about today’s guest on the blog, author JM Sullivan answers exciting questions about her writing, her debut novel, and some sound…

Keeley Webb, Author
Author Talks
Keeley Webb

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by my site for my first official interview with author Keeley Webb! Keeley’s debut novel, Death Made Me, was published…