Star Drifter (Unpublished Novel 2017):

For years Jaxsen and his family searched for a way to flee Earth. Their journey finally takes them to the ship they believe with give them refuge. They flee Earth, but amidst the stars the virus finds them, tearing all of Jaxsen’s hopes and dreams into shreds. When Jaxsen and his people stumble upon the remains of four ships, they find not only survivors that had fled Earth nearly twenty-five years ago, but also the monsters they had desperately fought to escape from. Anxious for answers, Jaxsen and Rylie search the strange fourth ship which results in releasing something more deadly than they could possibly understand. With a murderer on board the ship, wearing the skin of a friend, and the virus finding them far across the stars infecting someone close, Jaxsen and Rylie race to save their people before it’s too late.

Soul Bringer (Unpublished Short Story 2017):

Lee fled her father’s realm, with his dark creature snarling at her heels. She barely makes it into the human world alive. With grim determination, she manages to escape her father’s clutches… but her abilities are special, and he won’t let her go so easily. When Lee wakes up in a hospital room, two police officers come to ask her questions about who she is and what had happened to her. Lee refuses to give anything up to the officers, because if she told them who she was, her father would surely find his way across the barrier between their worlds and force her back to their world. And one thing was for certain, Lee would never bring him a soul to devour again.

So, My Girlfriend is a Werewolf (Published Short Story 2017 by BookLoot Stories):

Todd Martin, IT Security guy for Lotus Industries, has a crush on none other then the beautiful Valerie Ortega. Todd Martin sticks to his usual routine, avoiding people. Then one day, he works late in order to do just that. That night, when he runs a scan on his computer a hacker attacks their secured files. Todd, whom is superior in all things technology, manages to thwart the assailant. Curious as to what they were after, he does a little digging of his own. What he uncovers makes him question everything at Lotus Industries. With people disappearing in Chicago, and a white wolf showing up when he least expects it, Todd Martin, IT guy and brains of all things computer related, will never be the same again.