My World
My Fantasy Crush

In the world of fantasy, it’s important to have a crush on a fantasy character. Everyone should have that one fantasy character that they just simply love. For me it’s none other then the beautiful and dreamy:


Isn’t he just a beau?  Here are the top ten reasons why Thorin, this handsome sexy dwarf, is my fantasy crush.

  1. First there’s the hair. He has gorgeous, long locks.
    However does he manage to keep that hair out of his eyes?


  2. Then there’s the smoldering look.
  3. And of course that voice! Oh dark and husky!
  4. And that scruff! I love the scruff!
  5. He’s a prince! Who doesn’t love a dark prince?
  6. Thorin is fierce and determined.
  7. He dies saving his people.
  8. He’s an eligible bachelor!
  9. He makes the perfect speeches
  10. And the dwarf prince can SING!

So, why is this dwarf so perfect?



Who is YOUR fantasy crush?