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Today I get to introduce to you all the Writers Club organized by author Ryan Lanz! It’s a great opportunity for authors filled with tons of resources. Be sure to check out the interview below for more information! For more information about Ryan’s work and media use the links below.
First, tell me a bit about yourself Ryan:
Well, I’m 34, was born and raised in Hawaii, I used to sing professionally, and I’m a die-hard Survivor fan.
How long have you been an author and what books have you written? 
I’ve been an author since 2015, although I’ve dabbled in writing before that. I’ve written a handful of novels/novellas that will never see the light of day and some I’ve published both under my name and a pen name. The genres covered is fantasy, horror, science fiction, and non-fiction.
Tell me about the Writers Club:
I started AWP Writers Club last year and relaunched it this month. It’s an exciting group of people, both members and writing-related service providers who support the group.
What inspired you to launch the Writers Club?
Basically, I realized how expensive it is to self-publish. The Club is for both self-published and traditionally published authors, but the general cost of publishing certainly leans on the self-publishing side. Anything from coaching, editing, book cover design, formatting, proofreading…it can all add up. I created the Writers Club to offer tips and support to writers, but also to offer collective bargaining in the form of recruiting discounts and free services from writing-related service providers for the benefit of our members.
One person isn’t enough to ask for 50% off an editing service from a professional service provider, for example, but a group (or club) of them can through their membership.
How can an author benefit from joining the Writers Club?
We have a range of free services, such as free portioned editing, proofreading, book cover design, book coaching, and one-sheets for your book. That, and the Club offers up to 50% discounts on over 50 writing related services. Our discounts even cover lesser thought of services, such as narration, logos, and interior book design.
What kinds of discounted services do you have available for authors? 
Here’s a list of the discounted services the Club currently offers. This is aside from all the free services.
Will experienced authors benefit from your services as well as new authors?
I’ve heard from authors that range from brand new to seasoned veterans who’ve said they’ve benefited from their club membership. Really the only people who wouldn’t benefit much from the group are writers who haven’t written anything, published or unpublished, yet. But with the writing tips articles we come out with, once a person has started writing something, we help get the ball rolling.
Is the Writers Club geared towards a certain type of author or can any writer find your services helpful?
I can’t think of a type of author who wouldn’t benefit from something the Club offers. Every type of writer needs some type of writing related service at some point, and the writing tips articles we post are wide enough to encompass virtually every genre and type.
How much does it cost to join the Writers Club?
The AWP Writers Club membership is simply $1 a month. There’s no further paywall than that. That membership gets you all of the Club’s benefits. The payments are automatically charged to a credit card or Paypal; however, there is no lock-in. A person can cancel at any time.
How do you become a member?
A person can become a member by going to and clicking the red “Become a Patron” button.

If a member is looking for a particular services, how do they go about accessing it? 
Good question. When a person signs up to be a member, they receive an automatic message that lists all their immediate benefits, which include member-only links to the discounted and free services pages.
Do you also offer writing tips? 
We do! We offer weekly writing tips articles. There are also opportunities for the members to mingle and swap strategies and tips with each other.
Let’s say I was a new author that has just finished writing my first novel, with your services, what should my next steps be? 
For a new author, I’d recommend checking out the free services first. Services like editing and book coaching will likely be the most valuable. That, and the writing tips articles, which will help a new author navigate this new epic hobby/passion/career that he/she has just picked up.
Before you go, is there anything else you would like to share with us? 
I want to thank you, Becca, for giving me the opportunity to be with you all today. The writing community is filled with some fantastic people, and we love sharing our message and support with as many people as possible.
Ryan Lanz was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii until he was a teenager and then lived in California for a time. He enjoyed a brief experience with film before becoming involved in the performing arts, touring with a music performance group as a vocalist to a dozen countries on three continents over the length of five years.

His first published work was Unknown Sender, and he looks forward to many more in a variety of genres.

He also enjoys blogging about the culture of writing and brings on guest authors to share their writing tips. For more information, go to or @theryanlanz on Twitter.

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