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Harsha Sheelam

Today we welcome Harsha Sheelam on the blog! Harsha is a lovely writer from India. Be sure to check her out her work and visit her websites!


Tell me about yourself

I am Harsha Sheelam, living in Hyderabad, India. I began professional writing in 2016 and launched my first book in 2017. I am a student of masters in business administration. Apart from this, I am an amateur embroidery artist and sitarist.


What first inspired you to start writing?

My grandfather encouraged me to write. He had always been an avid reader and he will always be an inspiration.


Where is your favorite writing spot?

Somewhere tranquil. Porticos are my favorite currently.


Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

My characters are the fragments of my imagination, though certain actions or experiences of the characters are inspired by real people.


What author has most influenced your writing?

Jane Austen, Enid Blyton, Ronald Dahl, and J.K Rowling have influenced my stories. Their work is genius.


Tell us a little about your plans for the future. Where do you see yourself as a writer in five years?

I want to do a 4-line couplet book of poems. People who love to read poems from Rupi Kaur, Atticus, RM Drake, etc, would like these. I also plan on another book of short stories for children named ‘Poppydown Pals’ in upcoming months.

I don’t want to seem boastful, and I don’t know when and how, but I wish to be an award-winning, and globally acknowledged in 5 years.


Of all the characters you have created, which is your favorite and why?

Claire Austin from the novel ‘Good Exists in all that Exists’ is my favorite. She is like any other 14-year-old, demure and coy, but at the same time curious and adventurous.


What literary world would you love to visit for a day?

Hogwarts! I don’t think a day would be satisfying. But, I would as like to visit the world I created, Crystalice.


What do you love most about the writing process?

You find out what you’re capable of. When you write, you realize that you can create more than what you expect out of yourself.


If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

Terry Atterberry is this little kind from Green Orchid. I would love to spend time with him and his days are quite adventurous, so I might as well be a part of one. For the first day, he would probably show me his little town near Apple Coast Castle while cycle around town.


What are some tips you can give other aspiring writers?

Every writer should write for the love of writing. Writing brings peace to your mind, continue to do what pleases you, and don’t think about numbers.


What inspires you to keep writing?

All the good emails, and messages that I receive from reviewers, parents, and teachers, it’s overwhelming sometimes. It’s very sweet of them to write to me and it a source of motivation to continue doing it.


What are you working on now?

I have finished with my short stories book ‘Poppydown Pals’.


Can you leave us with an excerpt?

The stories are about Poppydown’s 8-year-old children, Pratt, Lili, Maitri, and Kush. The book traces the life of Poppydown’s pals and provides contemporary morals for children. These morals will help children grow to their best potentials.

Poppydown is a small town near Apple Coast Castle. It is well-furnished with houses, park, school, playground, market, and town hall. Pratt, who is a resident of the town, is the main protagonist in the book. He is chubby, kind, and honest, but he makes mistakes like all children do. Positively, he never fails to learn lessons from his blunders. Pratt learns to be body positive, work hard, staying away from stealth and greed, essence of festivals, loving others who are different from us, understanding that appearances are deceptive, loving and respecting elders, protecting those who can’t protect themselves, appreciating hard work over beauty, and understanding that useful things are of more importance than ornamental. His friends and family play a major role in empowering and motivating Pratt.

‘Poppydown Pals’ captures ten different stories from the life of four friends. Full of freshness, humor, and insight; Poppydown’s tales endorse hard work, honesty, and perseverance.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us before you go?

Well, if any readers would like to find me on social media oe get to know more about my work, then the best place to find all the information is



Harsha Sheelam always had the passion for writing. In the year 2016, she practiced writing more extensively. This led to her recognition in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and digital content. She possesses versatility in writing stories, debatable topics, politics, social, fashion, entertainment, reviews, fashion and lifestyle. Today she is a children’ book author, she debuted in 2017 with the book ‘Beautiful Inside and Out’ which is a collection of short stories. She launched it with the aim of empowering young girls and boys. She has the dedication to her craft which makes the children believe that they are beautiful inside and out. Same year her juvenile fiction novel, ‘Good Exists in all that Exists’ released. As the title suggests, the book is based around the theme of ‘good overpowering the bad’.  There is a hidden meaning for every action. The book does not fail to enhance the enchanted experience of the reader.

Beginning of a new year, in 2018 ‘The House of Terry Atterberry’ made it to book-selling portals. Terry’s tales champion hard work, perseverance, honesty and compassion. The riches that kids gain through this book are overcoming fear, not undermining people, understanding no one is perfect, knowing your true friends, and more. The book is a collection of 15 inspiring fables from the life of a fictional character.

Today, 3 books old, and anticipating more, this is Harsha Sheelam for you.

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