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Guns, Ration, Rigs, and the Undead: Guest Post

Guns, Ration, Rigs, and the Undead
By K.E. Radke

Edited by Audrey Moran
Genre: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic
Date of Publication: May 1st 2018
Pages: 239

Prepping was his way of life.

Lincoln realizes it’s every man for himself when the big cities are swarming with the military and the law disappears in the tiny town of Dessarillo, Texas, causing chaos to erupt. People Lincoln’s known for years were attacking their friends and family with their minds set on eating them limb by limb. He’d been prepared for this exact moment, waiting for disaster to strike so he could take a front row seat to society’s self destruction.

As an outcast, he learned to rely on no one. Until he unexpectedly finds his life in the hands of his neighbor, Wyatt, the man proving to be trustworthy. Together they try to carve out a safe place while people are turning into flesh eating monsters, decaying from the inside out, and destroying humanity one bite at a time.

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Zombies are always popular in the horror genre. I actually participated in one of the zombie walks they have during October in Las Vegas and we walk along the strip terrorizing the visitors and businesses. I think they might be the reason they stopped doing it… But it was an awesome experience and the crazy expressions people had as we passed inspired a lot of the questions I had about what people would do if they saw someone actually eating another human being right in front of them. I think I would run. It’s better to be the idiot that ran than the idiot that stays and is eaten.

In this book I didn’t struggle too much because I had a team of people I worked with that gave me honest feedback. And while I cursed their names for ten minutes grumbling under my breath, at the end of the day I took all their advice. Insightful critique is the most important, even if that book is your baby and you know for a fact it’s perfect. If you have the right people, guess what . . . it can be even better.

Settled in Southern Nevada, Kendra spends her time trying to convince her two Yorkies to stop staring at her while she eats. She is a proud spouse of a Veteran and mother of two boys. When she’s not writing about the next adventure for her readers, she’s traveling on her own.Check out her blog

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