My World
Confessions of a Writer Mom

On May 10, my son was born. I have to admit, it’s been hard finding the time to write, but I don’t mind because he’s perfect and I am loving each and every moment with him. He sure has kept me busy! But I love him to the moon.

Here is my boy, Brenden Milo Cahill:


Ain’t he precious?

Now, for my writing confession:


  1. If I am not going out to work on my book, I wear pajamas all day long (love it!)
  2. I’ve learned to write to music that my boy loves. Disney tunes like Moana and the Greatest Showman are a few. Though he does enjoy epic music like me as well.
  3. Sometimes I don’t notice my glasses are super dirty until I’m looking at the computer screen. Who knows what’s on them? Fingerprints, water, milk. Hopefully that’s it, hahaha.
  4. I’m more easily distracted now, especially when it concerns social media. I don’t know why, I can’t seem to stop checking it while I try to work on my books. It’s like I’ve become a little ADD. But that’s okay. I call it multitasking!
  5. To be honest, only once did I have poop on my shirt without realizing it at first. Don’t worry, I was at home at least (though we were just about to facetime Oma and wish her happy birthday, that would have been embarrassing if I hadn’t noticed!
  6. I have learned how to pump and work on my computer at the same time. This has come in handing for my #AuthorWouldYou twitter games and other images or posts I need to make.
  7. Truth, the amount of coffee I’ve been drinking has significantly increased… I love coffee so much that when it’s time to go to bed I’m super excited because it means when I wake up I get to have my coffee. And let’s just say, I’m a writer that enjoys my caffeine while I work.
  8. Attempted to write at Barnes and Noble, which I think was a success. But to the cafe employees and the other customers, sorry for smelling like breastmilk and baby formula. Oh, and the spit up all over the floor… sorry about that too. But don’t worry, I cleaned it up!
  9. I have mastered typing with one hand, holding Brenden with the other arm, and using my chin to hold the bottle. Haza!
  10. In my sleep deprived state I have edited the same paragraph multiple times without realizing it at first. It’s felt more like a dejavu. At least it will be one damn good paragraph. 😀


So, writing? Yeah, it’s a little slow going. I think the important thing though is that I’m doing it when I can and how I can.

And I love, love, love being Brenden’s mother.