Writer's Corner
My First Mood Board

This month’s #AuthorWouldYou on Twitter is all about relationships! This week I answered questions based off my side character Tony, whom is a bit of a floozy. Here is my mood board that I made based off of him.


This is the first mood board I had ever created, and I think I will be making more in the future. I love it because it’s a visual way to capture and interpret your characters. For my side character, he wears a mask, he parties, he enjoys entertaining others, but underneath it all he’s very lonely. Oh and I can’t forget to mention, he’s a bit of a ladies man. I’m really excited about my WIP. It’s unlike anything I have ever written before. It’s a suspense thriller with a paranormal twist and I cannot wait to finish it and share it all with you.

If you are a writer, I encourage you to make these! It’s really helpful when working on your character. If you are a reader, mood boards are a fun way to express how you feel about a character in your book!