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Top 10 Reads of 2017

I can’t believe 2017 is already almost over! I managed to read 30 books this year. Still, barely made a dent in my TBR list, and didn’t quite make my goal of 40 books for 2017. Still, I feel like I read quite a bit! Here is my top 10 reads of 2017! For more information on the books, click on the book cover.


Strange the Dreamer is by far the most beautifully written story I have ever read. Laini Taylor has a very artistic way to tell a story and I couldn’t help but be captured by the gorgeous details in this story.  I have to say, the ending is a bit odd and took a direction a didn’t see coming, but I loved that about this story as well! Definitely had to be on my top 10 list this year!





Though I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I was slightly disappointed because it didn’t have quite the same feel as book 1 and 2. Still, definitely had to be on my top 10 list for 2017. There’s an epic battle and Feyre is a strong female heroine that is steadfast and loyal which I just love!. And of course I love Rhysand! Those to together are the perfect pair, so it’s hard not to enjoy anything they are in!





One reason why I loved Warcross was because of how original it was. There is literally nothing like it. For all those computer, virtual reality nerds out there (my husband included), this book is definitely for you. The world Marie Lu creates is phenomenal and I love how this is basically the Olympics for virtual reality games!






I absolutely enjoyed this sequel to Rebel in the Sands. It was epic and full of adventure and I am super excited about the third book in the series!








Daughter of the Pirate king I simply loved! What a great sea life romance! It had the perfect balance of a love story, strong heroine, adventure, and mystery to it. I cannot wait for the sequel!







I finally got around to reading this gem this year. What a magical adventure! It was beautifully written and pulled me in right from the beginning. I loved how this story unfolds and how you aren’t really sure what is real and what is just part of the magical place called Caraval! It keeps you guessing clear up until the end. Legendary comes out this year! Definitely will be on my TBR list!                                                                           





Can I just squeal for a minute about this book? Legion was incredible! It was a fast turning, griping, and stunning story that left me wanting more. I’m both thrilled and nervous for the next book in the series! If you have read the Talon series yet, be sure to check this series out! Who doesn’t love a good dragon tale?






This was another book that I wish I had tackled sooner. I couldn’t put this book down. It was purely amazing and I loved the setting and character development of the story. Though I still enjoyed the sequel, this book was just captivating from the beginning. From the Blue-Eyed- Bandit, to the magical sand horse, to the abilities some of these people have, and not to mention the sultans rebel son. It’s a must read for anyone that enjoys action and adventure!





I began 2017 reading this book was blown away by how incredible this story was. I read The Diabolic in 2 days. I couldn’t put this read down. It’s a futuristic space opera about a girl that is basically bred and programmed to protect people. She ends up standing in for her charge when the emperor calls her charge to court. Of course there The Diabolic meets the emperor’s son and soon realizes that she is so much more than just some thing programmed to protect someone. I haven’t read the sequel yet, it’s on my TBR list for 2018, but I cannot wait to see where S.J. Kincaid goes next!
















Okay so I am cheating a little here, but I read these two back to back and loved them both so much that I feel like it justifies putting them together on this list for the number 1 spot. What an amazing read by Amy Tintera! Another series that is just unlike anything I have read. I just love Em and Olivia. I love their sisterly bond and I love how it evolves in book 2. I love how dark Amy goes with this series and I love how smart and brilliant Em is. I love how she doesn’t have any abilities and yet she is able to command people by just being who she is. The love interest is wonderful, Cas has his own growth to go through and I love seeing his character evolve! Amazing reads. Both of them were page turners and I can’t wait to read the last installment in this unforgettable series!