My World
October is Magical

“Mrs Cahill, it’s October.”

Words spoken by one of my students on October 3rd couldn’t have been more perfect. October is my absolute favorite month, and to hear my student say this on our first day of October together, and to see his face light up was pure magic. I told him “Yes buddy, it’s October!” With the same enthusiasm as he. Every day, he talks about October, and every time it melts my heart because I get it. October is magical.

First there’s leaves changing coloring, from green to yellows, oranges, and reds. When I lived in Cheney, WA and went to college at EWU, I would spend time just walking the campus because it was covered in these vibrant colored leaves. Every where you looked, leaves coated the ground. I mean, isn’t that magical?

The next thing I love about October? Pumpkins. They are the cutest orange thing ever.

Candy Corn. I’m not a big sweet tooth, but love me some Candy Corn in October. Maybe because it’s already something that’s deemed “Fall” and so to me, it even tastes like Fall.

Halloween. I love Halloween. As  kid, I loved dressing up and going trick or treating. As an adult, I love giving candy to trick or treaters. Husband and I even buy candy in bulk in advance because we get so many trick or treaters. And I love it. My whole night is jumping off the couch to answer the door every few minutes and it’s so much fun!

Fall Festival is another thing I love. It’s a huge even that my school puts on. It’s alot of work, but our booth is pretty fun. We call it Sponge Bob Sponge Toss. Who wouldn’t love throwing a wet sponge at someone’s face? It definitely makes for a very wet and very cold evening, but the kids love it!

I love all the Fall theme things that come out too. The festive food, the festive smells, the festive colors. It’s the best thing ever!

I love DECORATING for Fall! Especially decorating our yard for Halloween. We don’t go overboard like some people, but if it weren’t so expensive, we just might be those people!

Of everything about October I think by far, it’s the pumpkins and the leaves changing color (something that does not happen in Texas and I miss so terribly much.)

So yeah, October… October is magical.

I could have been BIT by a zombie this October and STILL be crazy about October. It’s the best month by far.

So tell me, what’s your favorite month?