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I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight: Hidden Citizens

Music has and always will be such a huge part of my life. Since I was 10 I had played the piano. There’s something about music that I feel in my very bones. And when I write my stories it’s as equally important for me to find the music that matches the tone. It breathes my stories into letters, words, sentences. With any story I write, my music takes me beyond the mere pages I’m typing on. It takes me to the world I am creating.

So, to me, music is key in writing a good story.

So let me tell you about this gem I stumbled upon. Music for my dark comedy was very hard to find. For the longest time the only music that would work was Danny Elfman’s Dark Shadows. It was creepy, and odd, and strange, yet had an uplifting quality to it that was perfect for my dark comedy. Then one day I had been inspired to make a cheesy playlist for my dark comedy. Songs like Backstreets Back and Shot Through the Heart. Older, great songs that were perfect for my story. When you read it, you’ll understand why these songs were perfect. When I searched for I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight, I stumbled upon something that spoke to me unlike any other music I have I heard before.

Before I get into this awesome sounding tunes, you should know I have always been a fan of Epic trailer music. Love it. I loved it BEFORE I used it to write my epic fantasy and science fiction tales. In fact, ever since the whole music therapy incident happened, it’s been my jam in the car. If you saw me nodding my head to a beat sure enough it would be Epic music I was listening to.

So, back to where this takes me now, this amazing music I stumbled upon. Hidden Citizens takes popular songs and makes them Epic. Songs like Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran, and It’s a Sin by Pet Shop Boys, and Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles. Then there’s I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight by the Cutting Crew. Hidden Citizen’s does a rendition of that song that is so magical, I’m not even sure how to explain it. Here I was, searching for cheesy old tunes and instead I find something that calls to me unlike any other music has. No, really… I have obsessively been listening to Hidden Citizens for over a month now. I try to listen to other music but it doesn’t tug at my heart and soul like Hidden Citizens does.

And that song, I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight, it is the only one of their songs that doesn’t at all fit with my dark comedy. Which is kind of ironic, because I feel like the traditional version of the song is pretty much my theme song for my dark comedy. But the version by Hidden Citizens, when I listened to it for the first time, a scene from my sequel to Star Drifter instantly came to mind. It fit perfectly with my story and now that song is the portrayal of emotion that Jaxsen feels in one particular seen. And every time I hear that song I seen that one scene play out over and over again. And the feeling? It’s magical.

So what is it about Hidden Citizens that makes them so worthy to note? It’s their ability to transform these popular songs into something otherworldly. The pure transcendence of lyrical beauty. It’s not just how epic the scores are, it’s the emotion behind the voice with it’s rise and fall of momentum. Hidden Citzen’s has created raw emotion at it’s finest.

And their music? It calls to me.

Check them out, maybe they will call to you too!