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Paul Saylor

Today we have a great interview with Paul Saylor! He is a self published author, you can find his reads on amazon. He has some great ideas for world building and outlining so, writers, be sure to check out this great interview!

Tell me about yourself:

Hi, Paul Saylor here, a writer with a day job. I squeeze in writing whenever I can between real world stuff I have to do.

What genre of books do you write?

Science-fiction and fantasy with action adventure or detective/mystery themes.

When did you first realize you wanted to be an author?

I started writing in high school and did a bunch of short stories in college, however I didn’t find out I really wanted to write full-time until years after college.

What inspired you to start writing?

I’m not really sure. In high school, I was part of this special group class and had to do a project with a mentor. I don’t remember why, but suddenly I thought “I’ll start a novel for my project.”

How many stories of you written?

Unknown. I’ve written many short stories in college that are now lost. I did have one novel I completed and submitted to several literary agents and publishing houses, and after being soundly rejected, I threw it away. I do have four self-published stories on for the Kindle right now. Three are part of an ongoing project called The Road to Gatlen which is a serialized novel.

Tells about what you are currently working on? Can you give us an excerpt?

I’m working on a ten-part serialized novel called The Road to Gatlen. Currently three parts are completed and posted on Amazon for the Kindle. Excerpts can be downloaded at each story’s site as samples.

What is your writing process?

Normally, I start with a scene, just something that pops into my head from whatever source of inspiration strikes me at the time. From that scene, an outline will balloon into a whole story. Here, I am writing furiously writing notes to get it all down, as much as possible. Then I start filling in gaps with order to the story and details on the characters. Once the outline is done, I write a draft. The draft will be redone a few times by the time I reach the end of the story that my “draft” is more like “version 20”. Then I go through editing and rewriting. And finally, I proof at the end. Which, my stories still need help, hence why I’ve enlisted the aid of an editor.

Which authors most inspire your writing?

I have favorite authors, like John Le Carre, Len Deighton, Frank Herbert, and David Feintuch, but I’m not sure I’ve really drawn inspiration from any of them. I have sort have gone my own route in my stories, and they don’t fit the style or themes of any author I know.

How do you get into character when you write?

I tune out the world and play the scene in my head like a movie, only the “camera” can go into thoughts and desires. Then I try to translate that into words.

How do you world build?

This happens during outlining when I’m constructing the rules of the world within the story. Typically, I’ll write the outline first and what I want to occur, then building the world to suit the story.

What are some tips you can give other aspiring authors?

Never stop writing!

Before you go, is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Umm….. no?


What? Hello? Is this thing on?


As you may have noticed, I write stories, they aren’t bestselling or anything, but maybe one day……

Often my collections of tens of thousands of words in the form of oddball ramblings disguised as serialized novels or episodic novellas. Favored genres are science fiction/fantasy of the adventurous kind and soon (soon being a relative term) to be some detective stories too.

Some random junk about me that nobody is bound to care about is that I live in the Sacramento area with my wife and two overlords (cats, DUH!), Boudica and Liara.

Author Links:
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Her mother dead, Addylyn Yago spent her entire life in the village of Yvryt bearing all the responsibilities of her family. Her brother Tymy has the Sickness, an incurable and debilitating disease, and must take daily medicine just to stay alive. Now her father has fallen victim to a fatal illness as well, one that no medicine can seem to stop. Addylyn is summoned by her dying father. He gives her an Artifact of the Ancestors and tells her to travel to the distant and fabled city of Gatlen. There, she will be provided with a means to cure Tymy. But it will be a long and perilous journey, filled with dangers unknown. At the same time, suitors promise her a safe and comfortable means for the rest of her life. With the town rulers mounting pressure to seize the Yago property, Addylyn is torn between keeping her brother alive and risking it all on…. The Road To Gatlen.
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Thanks Paul for stopping by! Be sure to check out other works by Paul on Amazon. Now for a fun questions. Writers, how do you get into character? For me, I create character files. If I need to review something on them, I check out my character file. A character file is basically everything that describes that person including important things that happen to them and when in the book. It’s a great reference point. What about you? What do you do? Leave your answers in the comments!
Thanks for stopping by ya’ll!