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The Writing Process
In the course of my writing career, with all the author events I’ve attended, one thing I’ve found fascinating is how each author writes differently. Some go through several and several revisions of their work while others only need a draft or two. Some are what they call pantser, where they literally fly by the seat of their pants as they write their story, while others are called plotters, where they plot before they start writing. I’ve always been a plotter until recently. I create an outline, I research, and I plan, plan, plan. This is usually the type of writing style I most identify with.
But with my dark comedy….
It’s definitely been fly by the seat of my pants type of experience, and I LOVE IT!
But whether I’m a pantser, or a plotter, one thing remains the same. I like to do what I call word vomit. Which is where I just write, write, and write until I’ve reached the end of the story. Once I’ve done that, I like to go through and change things, tweak things, move things around, and add in all the beautiful details, and of course, edit, edit, edit. I’m the kind that will easily go through twenty drafts of the story until I feel like it’s complete. But to be honest, it’s easier to manipulate a story once the words are on the page. It helps my creative mind come up with new ideas for the story, and sometimes it takes me places I hadn’t expected the story to go, but love just the same. In fact, sometimes those are my favorite parts of writing. Those magical moments when the story takes you to a place you didn’t expect and you think, wow, that’s perfect.
So really, whether I’m flying by the seat of my pants, or I’m plotting every detail… one thing is for sure…
I’m a word vomitter!
What about you? What is your writing style?